Like To Draw

How good do you think you can draw?  Want to try something new?   Try one of the our drawing Quests, which will not only challenge your creative side but give you the opportunity to earn more I-Coins to spin the wheel.  Some Quests allow you to draw the item you are looking for like a ball or kite.  Try having some fun with a friend and push an item to them to help.  The more people you involve in your Quest the more fun you can have.  What can I do with I-coins ?   I-Coins can be used to buy new Quests or to spin the wheel.  The wheel is not as easy as it sounds.  You can lose as much as you can win but you have an opportunity to win the grand prize! What is the grand prize ?  Well… you have to win to find out!  Many people have won already!  Keep in mind that if you do win you will be contacted by the I-Quest team via I-Quest chat and will be required to provide your home address to sent the prize to.

I-Quest the reason to post!

Happy Questing…