Just Say It

Did you ever just want to say something to your friends on I-Quest without adding a meme?  Maybe send a birthday wish or just a thoughtful reminder of your relationship?  I-Quest has  developed a quick way to do just that.  If you click on “Capture It” you will be prompted with a few choices.  By selecting “Just Say It” you will be directed to a screen to add your thoughtful comments which will be shared with your friends on the gallery.  Think about sharing goals with your friends and coming back in a few months and seeing where you measure up.  How about sharing a favorite receipt with your family and friends that was a hit with your family?

100 Friends Challenge Update

The first one that has 100 friends on I-Quest will receive 50 dollars.  Remember the easiest way to win is to ask your Facebook and Instagram friends to download I-Quest and become your friend.

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I-Quest The Reason To Post

Happy Questing…