Today’s Daily Quest

You are looking for something that a ship from the Revolutionary War might have had more than one of.



I-Quest the reason to post!

Happy Questing..

The I-Quest Story Part 1

I-Quest has gone through many changes since it was first created 2 years ago.  It started off just being a scavenger hunt game with only a few picture quests available.  It became so popular we added the ability to not only take a picture of the item but the ability to draw the item.  The next big transition was allowing users to view the items they submitted on a gallery.  All of these changed lead us down a path which required us to implement the concept of friends.  The friends feature in still evolving but now allows users to share their drawings with their friends.  Within the last year I-Quest has expanded even more by adding features like Capture It and the Daily Quest.  Each of the new items have increased the number of options that are available for I-Quest to share information with friends.  We are always looking for new features to add, so continue to provide feedback to our team.


I-Quest The Reason To Post…

Happy Questing….

100 Friends Challenge Update

“$50 Dollars to the first person that has 100 friends on I-Quest”

Looks like someone has over half way there.

Lets see who is cleaver enough to get all their Facebook and Instagram friends to join.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 7.53.31 AM


I-Quest The Reason To Post!

Happy Questing…