It’s time to enjoy the new features of version 17…

Along with a new look there are some new features..

  • My Gallery, a gallery of  your drawings.
  • Messages, messages are now available to view for up to five days by clicking on the mailbox in the top right corner.   You can also now reply to a user by clicking on the message.
  • Head to Head challenge,  When you start a new quest you have an option to challenge another user.  The items are randomly selected and you have 2 days to complete your turn .  Keep in mind once you open the item you only have 60 seconds to complete it…
  • New, If you post to Facebook from I-Quest you will earn 20 I-Coins (once per day).  Try posting your artwork. We are sure your friends would like to see how talented you are!
  • Quick Start…  When you see an I-Quest logo with a bar code in the left corner scan it using Quick Start and see what you earn…  The logo’s will be posted on Instagram and Facebook, so keep your eyes open! You might also spot them while you are out shopping.   You never know where you might find one….

Happy Questing….

New Quest.

The “Drawing Game” quest was released today.

We now have 65 quests available, which can keep anyone entertained.  Be part of the fastest growing app on the market.

Version 17 is almost here…………

We are in the final days of January’s Contest.  Post your completed quest to Instagram and mention #iquestadventures in the comments.  The submission with the most amount of likes receives 1,000 I-Coins……

Happy Questing…..

Keep Drawing…

Another new drawing Quest was released today, “Sketch Pad”.  Don’t forget to do the Daily Quest.  The Daily Quest is now worth 20 I-Coins which allows you to move up the leader board quickly.

Version 17 is right around the corner…..  

One new feature will allow you to challenge another user to a quest.  More information to follow in the coming weeks..

Dont forget the January Rainy Day Challenge! It ends on January 31..

Happy Questing…

New Quest Released Today!!!

Draw Me Now! Today the I-Quest Team released yet another new quest.  This is another one of the new breed of quests that has been created.  These hybrid quests include the choice of taking pictures or drawing the items.

Check out these Quests Today, Remember I-Quest is FREE!!!

Don’t forget about the I-Quest Contest!  It ends January 31st.  Who knows, the lucky winner of one-thousand coins could be you.  Get the most likes on Instagram after posting, and you may be the winner!

Happy Questing….

Some New Changes!

I-Quest has release “Can You Draw?”

Important Updates:

  • Daily Quest is now worth 20 I-Coins.
  • Each Approved Item is worth 15 I-Coins.

Look for Version 17 in the near future….

Happy Questing….

1,000 I-Coins Contest

Want to win 1,000 I-Coins?

Post a completed Rainy Day Quest on Instagram with #iquestadventures and your I-Quest username in the comments.







The post with the most amount of likes on January 31, 2015 will receive 1,000 I-Coins.

Happy Questing….