Share With A Friend…….

Version 16 allows you to send an item from a Quest to another user.  If they complete the item within 5 hours you both earn  50 I-Coins.  If you are looking to get to the top of the leaderboard, this is the most effective way!!!

  • Completeing the daily quest  earns you  10 I-Coins.
  • Watching ad’s  can earn 100 I-Coins a day.
  • Pushing an item to another user can earn you both 50 I-Coins.
  • Each item you submit you earn 10 I-Coins.

Happy Questing…..

I Quest Continues To See Growth..

The I-Quest team pulled through and added another two Quests this week.

  • Something Too?
  • Something Almost?

Remember to update to version 16 to enjoy the new push feature!

I-Quest in two short months has grown to over 160 users and has approved over 5,000 submissions.

Thanks Again,

Your I-Quest Team


Something Has To Give.

I-Quest has released another 2 Quests today that will spark some creative thinking.  Keep your eyes open for version 16,  it’s release is right around the corner.  With new features like a color selector and the ability to share items with other users.

Something Again?

Something Really?

Happy Questing.


Questing Is The New Buzz….

I-Quest has released five additional quests as the team continues to listen to feedback and react to their requests.

Something More?

Draw Again?

Draw More…

Sweet Treats

Fruit Cake

Note:Keep your eye out for  version 16, which has many new features and a new function which allows you to share a quest item with another Questor…

Happy Questing…




What To Have Some Fun?

I-Quest has released three new Quest’s today: Christmas Too, Christmas Three and Hard To Find.

Based on feedback ,  we started to create harder quests to engage a broader audience.  Try the new Hard to Find Quest if you are interested.

Happy Questing!