I-Quest Help

Welcome to I-Quest Adventure.

 Every new user gets 100 I-Coins to start.

Each Quest that you sign up for will cost 100 I-Coins.

For every approved item you will earn 15 I-Coins.

Can not find something, the skip feature will allow you to advance for 10 I-Coins.

You earn 20 points for every Ad you watch limited to 100  I-Coins Daily.

The Daily quest is worth 20 I-Coins for each item excepted.

Pushing Items can earn you and the person you push to 50 I-Coins,  be WARNED that a pushed item must be completed within 5 hours.

Deleting a pushed Item costs 50 I-Coins.

Un-Pushing a Item Costs 10 I-Coins.

Not completing a pushed item within 5 hours costs you 50 I-Coins.

You can only push a Item to someone that has a username, has upgraded to version 16 and does not have any active pushes.

 More information can be found at I-Quest.net

Questions and concerns can be directed to support@i-quest.net

Four New Quests Available

Based on Parent’s feedback we have released four more grocery store Quests today.  Parents ,  just keep a eye on your grocery cart, sometimes the items they find end up in your cart. 🙂

Just a reminder that I-Quest does require a connection to the internet which may present a challenge in some locations.


Attention Teachers !

Looking to keep your students active in a classroom exercise, possibly have them work together as a team?  I-Quest has released three new quests that are a perfect fit.  School House, Class Room and Back To School were released this week and will allow students to find items commonly found within a classroom.

New Inside Quest Released

The I-Quest team has been working hard and has just released a new inside Quest called “Inside Dash”.  Inside Dash requires you to find items commonly found inside your house from a TV to a Washing Machine.