I-Quest Updates

I-Quest 1.2 version coming soon…….   The new version will have an updated design and allow for users to skip items that they might be stuck on.  Keep your eye’s open for I-Quest 1.3.

Two New Quest Released

Looking for something to do at a Soccer game or for your Cheerleaders?  I-Quest added Soccer Game and Cheerleading quests under the Outside category.  These will keep you busy finding items from pom pom’s to soccer goals.

New Quest Now Available!

I-Quest has released a new Quest that will keep your family busy while your are shopping.  The new “Bag It” Quest under the Grocery Store category will make your family search for items commonly found in a Grocery Store.

Going On A Road Trip?

Want to keep your kid’s occupied during a long trip in the car?  Try one of I-Quest’s travel quests to pass the time. You are required to find items that can be found while on any interstate or highway.