Share With A Friend…….

Version 16 allows you to send an item from a Quest to another user.  If they complete the item within 5 hours you both earn  50 I-Coins.  If you are looking to get to the top of the leaderboard, this is the most effective way!!!

  • Completeing the daily quest  earns you  10 I-Coins.
  • Watching ad’s  can earn 100 I-Coins a day.
  • Pushing an item to another user can earn you both 50 I-Coins.
  • Each item you submit you earn 10 I-Coins.

Happy Questing…..

I Quest Continues To See Growth..

The I-Quest team pulled through and added another two Quests this week.

  • Something Too?
  • Something Almost?

Remember to update to version 16 to enjoy the new push feature!

I-Quest in two short months has grown to over 160 users and has approved over 5,000 submissions.

Thanks Again,

Your I-Quest Team


Something Has To Give.

I-Quest has released another 2 Quests today that will spark some creative thinking.  Keep your eyes open for version 16,  it’s release is right around the corner.  With new features like a color selector and the ability to share items with other users.

Something Again?

Something Really?

Happy Questing.


Questing Is The New Buzz….

I-Quest has released five additional quests as the team continues to listen to feedback and react to their requests.

Something More?

Draw Again?

Draw More…

Sweet Treats

Fruit Cake

Note:Keep your eye out for  version 16, which has many new features and a new function which allows you to share a quest item with another Questor…

Happy Questing…




What To Have Some Fun?

I-Quest has released three new Quest’s today: Christmas Too, Christmas Three and Hard To Find.

Based on feedback ,  we started to create harder quests to engage a broader audience.  Try the new Hard to Find Quest if you are interested.

Happy Questing!

More is better!

The I-Quest team has added another two Quest’s this week!  We currently have 48 Quest’s available, which include several that will make your children run through the house taking pictures while other quest’s will allow your children to sit quietly and draw…

Quote from a parent..

“The kids are running around the house like maniacs taking pictures.”

Don’t forget the holiday Quests…

I-Quest Team..

We want more Quests…..

Another two Quests released today include  “Draw Me” and “Weekend Fun”.

Remember to do the Daily Quest, which is worth Ten Points and can move you up the leader board quickly!

I-Quest Team

The Twist Has Arrived! Version 13

The newest version of I-Quest has been released with a new feature.


Sign up for one of the five new Quests released today in “Just Draw IT” and draw your own conclusions..


Have fun and keep Questing….

Cold Weather Is Setting In

Tired of watching TV and Playing Video games?  I-Quest is an interactive game that your whole family can enjoy.  Today, two more quests were released to increase the amount of options available.  Keep your eye’s open for a new version coming soon with an interesting twist!

New Version Released!

I-Quest version 12 was released which includes integration with Facebook and Instagram.  Keep your friends up to date with Quests you have completed or items you are looking for by sharing your status with Facebook or Instagram.